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StopTabac: Stop smoking thanks to auricular acupuncture!

StopTabac: Stop smoking thanks to auricular acupuncture!

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You've probably made one of the best decisions of your life: quitting forever to smoke. Only here... It's very difficult and without help you can no longer to hold on.

If you are concerned, read to the end.

We are going to introduce you to StopTabac, a not at all miracle but scientific solution to make you completely quit smoking and regain your health.

StopTabac, what is it?

It is a magnetic auricular acupuncture system developed after more than 7 years of research by the world's leading tobacco specialists and doctors, to come to your radically helps if you don't want cigarettes in your life anymore.

StopTabac: Comment arrêter de fumer

Already more than 1.6 million products sold since its release: And as many fewer smokers.

1. The use of auricular therapy and acupuncture point stimulation

StopTabac is the most effective solution ever created to quit smoking. Studies have allowed the use of the precepts of auricular therapy and those of acupuncture using two small magnets placed opposite each other on your left ear.

This electromagnetic treatment activates the production of neurotransmitters in your brain to completely eradicate your cravings for smoking.

2. Gold

StopTabac magnets are made of 24K gold for higher conduction properties and for the purpose to avoid all allergic reactions.

StopTabac: Arrêtez définitivement de fumer grâce à l'acupuncture

StopTabac is non-invasive and chemical-free. It uses the most effective natural resources and has no side effects, while being accessible to everyone.

3. How to use it?

The treatment requires the use of the magnets for 3 hours a day on your left ear. Place the smaller one on the front part of the ear and the larger one behind (see photo above).

The first effects appear after 7th day. Continue for another 20-25 days to complete the cycle (you can continue to smoke as normal during treatment).

Your desires will fade more and more to cut off completely. You will be freed from the shackles that surround you and from the vast sums spent on your consumption.

StopTabac: Arrêtez de fumer la cigarette

4. Practice

The 2 StopTabac magnets are constantly reusable for more than 100 years.

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StopTabac: Arrêtez de fumer grâce à l'acupuncture auriculaire!

5. Our Guarantee

We know you won't regret your order. That's why we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

4 Good reasons to trust us:

Maniatop - 4 bonnes raisons de nous faire confiance

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Martine N.

Cet aimant, de couleur or, est très beau. Je viens de le recevoir, alors je ne sais pas encore s'il sera efficace pour me faire arrêter de fumer. Par contre, un petit souci : la notice est en anglais et en espagnol, et pas en français !

Katël C.

Aujourd'hui j'initie le port des aimants. Je comprends pourquoi vous nous conseillez de ne les porter que 3 heures car en dépassant ce temps, c'est un peu douloureux. Cependant, effectivement l'envie de fumer diminue dès le premier jour... à voir pour les jours suivants
Aucune allergie à déclarer


Anne S.H.

Les délais de livraison sont rapides, l’aimant correspond au descriptif. Premières heures d’utilisation et beaucoup d’espoir !

Eliane G.

Je viens de le recevoir