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Remee Lucid Dream Mask: Explore Your Dream World with Unrivaled Precision

Remee Lucid Dream Mask: Explore Your Dream World with Unrivaled Precision

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The dream can turn out to be an absolutely perfect moment.

Lucid dream is a dream in which we are conscious of dreaming, giving it a whole new dimension.

Unfortunately these dreams are very rare...

Remee™️is a sleeping mask that will allow you to achieve this more easily.

Designed by the company Bitbanger Labs, located in Boston, the mask Remee™️ will send light signals to your eyelids during your REM sleep phases (the phase during which we dream). After a while, your brain will get used to recognizing these lights and will know that you are dreaming.

You will then have the possibility to control your dreams...


In the past, dreams were considered windows to our subconscious, offering indications and valuable advice.

Modern research has since confirmed that lucid dreams can improve mood, reduce stress, improve our ability to solve problems, and increase creativity.

Yet dreams are still considered secondary when we talk about our general well-being.


When you experience a level of awareness in a dream, you are already on the path to lucidity.

Understanding that you are dreaming without waking up is exhilarating, entertaining and beneficial.

Just knowing that you are inside a dream is just the beginning; with practice comes greater control. Experienced lucid dreamers have been perfecting this technique for thousands of years to reap a range of benefits from recreational (flying, exploring) to practical (problem solving, brainstorming) and deep down (self-realization).

If your goal is lucidity, Remee can help you get there.


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Customer Reviews

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The goods arrived very quickly, somewhere in 14 days, well packed. In the kit there is an English manual.


The package arrived in 10 days. The packaging is very good. Nothing was wrinkled. Everything is safe and solid


Excellent and very interesting product. I hope this will help me experience lucid dreams. Delivery is very fast. Recommend seller.


The product is very good you can go to the site and program it has videos on YouTube

Soltan T.
My opinion on the lucid dream mask

The mask that I have ordered does not hold well, when I wake up I find with the
mask loose or incorrectly worn.
If you have any advice I would love it 🙏

Ferdinand N.

it's impeccable

Maxime P.



C 'is cool. The parcel arrived on time, managed to connect to the phone through the site. Everything works


Sending tracking number one hour after payment. The post was in 10 days, in perfect condition.


The mask came quickly, in the case until I checked, you can configure through the site there everything is clear