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ProDetox: Natural anti-toxin patch

ProDetox: Natural anti-toxin patch

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “After reading the reviews, I decided to try ProDetox for myself. Over the past year, I have struggled with depression. I barely slept, ate badly and felt like I had to do something.I started ProDetox last month and there…unbelievable. I felt like a boost of energy. I returned to the virtuous circle, today I exercise daily, I am more focused and more available for my work and my family. I had tried all kinds of products to help me beat fatigue and strengthen my body. Well believe me, it's the best, I'm more than satisfied!” Mathieu O.

Are you stressed? Feeling low on energy and weakened defenses?

These days we are subjected to toxins everywhere! Symptoms? Fatigue, headaches, stress, muscle aches, low energy, stomach aches, joint pains, depression, skin problems and the list goes on...

ProDetox is a brand new detox treatment developed in partnership with specialists. It helps to prevent the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus greatly reducing the risk of diseases by acting directly on these waste products for the body.

Le Marchand Futé ProDetox Un véritable absorbeur de toxine

1. A 100% natural plantar reflexology treatment

Toxins circulating in the body accumulate at the end of the toes and ankles. They can lead to many complications.

In reflexology foot, the feet are considered to be channels to many vital organs, with more than 60 acupuncture points on the arch of the foot.

ProDetox contains 100% natural ingredients that stimulate these acupuncture points. This stimulation results in the breaking down of waste products and then releasing the blockages in the circulatory systems and lymphatics.

Le Marchand Futé ProDetox 100 % NATUREL

2. A true toxin absorber

ProDetox will absorb your toxins during use. You will see the color of the patch change. The dirtier the patch, the more toxins it has absorbed.

After regular use, ProDetox will become cleaner every morning. This means that most of the toxins in your body have already been released.

In addition to your feet, we advise you to use this patch on other parts of your body for even more effective results: back, knees, elbows, etc.

Le Marchand Futé ProDetox Testé et approuvé

3. Tested and approved

ProDetox has been tested all over the world and the results are clear: ProDetox helps eliminate unwanted toxins, increase your energy levels, reduce aches, pains heads and fatigue and relieve you of stress.

4. 100% NATURAL

Made primarily from ginger root extracts, ProDetox is made 100% with natural ingredients: bamboo vinegar , chitosan, dextrin, dokudami, loquat leaf, tourmaline, vegetable fiber, vitamin C and wood vinegar.

Le Marchand Futé ProDetox naturel


  • Each box of ProDetox contains 10 patches
  1. Apply ProDetox patch one hour before bedtime
  2. Wash your feet or affected body part and dry them before applying the patch.
  3. Take an adhesive sheet and slowly remove the paper.
  4. Place patch over adhesive as shown and apply to soles of feet or desired area. (Socks may be worn if required).
  5. Wear for 8-10 hours, then remove the patch.
  6. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth until it is no longer sticky.
  7. The patches used appear greenish or grayish as they absorb toxins and waste from your body.
  8. Continue to use each night until the pad discoloration disappears.
  9. When used patches show signs of lightening, apply once or twice a week for maintenance.

    Le Marchand Futé ProDetox mode d'emploi


Do not put on an open wound. If you are allergic, do not use these patches. This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. If you encounter any illness, consult a doctor.

5. Our guarantee

We know you won't regret your order. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied, contact us. You will be refunded.

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je ne l'ai pas encore utilisé mais je l'ai bien reçu




Tout est parfait. La livraison est rapide. Commandé une deuxième fois 40 pcs.
Je recommande le vendeur et le produit.


its been my second batch of order,it's work very good, I slept very good with this..thanks


Produit reçu mais pas encore
Utilisé. Je pense que ça ira.


Pris sur conseil. Tout est arrivé rapidement et entier. Rien à ajouter de plus. Je compléterai plus tard


Merci pour la livraison rapide! J'espère que ça marche!


Produit venu très rapidement. Bien emballé. Je recommande à tous ce vendeur!


Merci beaucoup au vendeur commande reçu tout est bien merci beaucoup


Je les ai reçus hier et les ai essayés tout de suite. C'est le résultat le matin.