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Lice comb

Lice comb

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Every year the lice come back in force, and every year you go to war against them again!

Peigne anti-poux anti-insectes

Introducing Vcomb, the solution without chemicals, effective immediately and reusable as many times as necessary!

You know that the appearance of lice is not linked to a lack of hygiene. These parasites are spread by contact and there is nothing you can do to prevent them.

To cut short the risk of infection and disease transmission by insects, you need to act as quickly as possible.

Peigne anti-poux anti-insectes

100% ecological and sustainable: forget the polluting chemical solutions that attack the hair and scalp and do not respect the environment.

Getthe best with our electric lice comb.

Peigne anti-poux anti-insectes

A total cleanse of lice and nits! Unlike manual combs which only partially remove lice, Vcomb vacuums all of it.

No risk of recurrence is to be feared!

No possible side effects: you can develop an allergy to chemicals with head lice shampoos. With Vcomb, no reaction possible.

#1 100% hygienic

Our lice comb stores the lice and their eggs in a small bag - like the bag of a miniature vacuum cleaner - as they go.

A Once you've finished combing your hair, seal this little bag with the airtight cap that comes with it and throw it in the trash. Then rinse out the tank, put on a new bag, and it's ready for use again.

Two bags are directly provided for each purchase of our lice comb. A single bag is more than enough for a complete treatment of head lice and nits.

Peigne anti-poux anti-insectes

#2 Easy to use

Simply plug it into the mains and turn it on with its on/off button after setting up the bag to store the captured parasites.

None preparation required, no heating time, and preferably on dry hair, It is always available immediately.

Peigne anti-poux anti-insectes

#3 Perfect Accuracy

Thanks to its adjustable head, it adapts to the contours of the head so as not to miss no insects .

Peigne anti-poux anti-insectes

#4 For the whole family

Vcomb is used by the whole family, parents and children, but also to clear your pets parasites that also attack them.

Peigne anti-poux anti-insectes

#5 Smart Design

The teeth of our lice comb are made of high quality stainless steel for a better durability. They are rounded at the end so as not to irritate the scalp.

An LED lamp illuminates the filter to see that the lice are well captured. Space-saving, you can take it on weekends or trips.


Ils en parlent - Maniapro

#6 Our Guarantee

We know you won't regret your order. That's why we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. If you are not satisfied, contact us. You will be refunded.
4 good reasons to order from us:
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✅ Order yours now and receive them at home within 7-15 days.

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We usually deliver in 7-15 days.

Shipping costs are €4.99 and are valid for shipments worldwide. Delivery costs are free for all orders over €50.

For economic reasons, our warehouses are located in China in the city of Shenzhen.

So that you always know the status of your order, you can click on the section track my order or on the link in the order confirmation email.

ATTENTION: If your address is incomplete and your package cannot be delivered to you for this reason, we will charge you a fee of €7.99 if you want a new shipment.

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dd d.

Le produit est comme décrit et livré dans les temps.


Appareil très efficace arrivé rapidement chez nous. Merci.

dd d.

Excellent produit les poux de nos enfants sont tous partis après une seule utilisation. À recommander!

Bon produit

Très satisfaite. Merci.