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LED Anti-Mosquito Lamp: Ecological and Effective Solution to Protect Your Interior

LED Anti-Mosquito Lamp: Ecological and Effective Solution to Protect Your Interior

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I love leaving the windows wide open on summer evenings, but the house quickly becomes infested with mosquitoes and we can no longer sleep. With this mosquito catcher lamp, no more problems, its light does not prevent you from sleeping, plus, it pleases my wife who loves purple! » Frank V.

You don't like mosquitoes, but they love you? These tiny critters have the ability to drive anyone crazy by hovering over their ears while you sleep.

Our LED mosquito repellent lamp is the solution ecological and economical which gets rid of it and allows you to spend peaceful nights!


1. An unstoppable environmentally friendly system

Our mosquito catcher lamp does not use any chemicals, it is purple lamp which attracts mosquitoes.The insect is interested in the lamp before becoming interested in you. As soon as it approaches it, it is sucked up by the vortex created by the current d air which forms a sort of vortex.

The mosquito is then trapped in the bottom of the lamp.


2. Spend sweet silent nights

You are no longer disturbed by the flight of mosquitoes that come past you before biting you, but you are not disturbed either by the sound of the lamp. Its fan is extremely quiet and will not disturb your sleep.

Violet light is soft and pleasant. During the evening, it adds a nice touch to the ambient light and during the night, it does not dazzle you. If you really want to sleep in complete darkness, just place it at the foot of the bed or in a corner you can't see from your bed.


3. Economical and ecological

You save money to buy mosquito repellent products and you also don't have to change batteries. Our Mosquito Catcher Lamp works via USB cable.

It consumes very little electricity and you can leave it running all night without risking increasing your energy bill.


4. Easy to move and take

The Lamp measures 12 x 21 cm. You can move it from one room to another. However, remember to put it in your room at least an hour before going to bed to be sure that all the mosquitoes have been trapped.

You can also place it on your terrace if you want to dine and spend the evening quietly outside.

You can easily take it with you if you go on a weekend or vacation.

For maintenance, simply empty the tank and that’s it!


5. Our guarantee

We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market.We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are unhappy for any reason, contact us and we will make sure to resolve your issue.

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testei a noite e funciona bem


Le produit a l'air bon, va quand même tester.


Bon. Merci.


Colis très abîmé à l'extérieur, mais on dirait pour le moment, fonctionne bien


Bon produit, arrivé rapide et fonctionne bien. Testé pendant quelques secondes, mais pense que c'est bon.


Très bon achat super l'emballage est autre chose très mal arrivé la boîte mais n'a pas du tout affecté l'appareil merci beaucoup


Produit comme la photo, fonctionne, arrivé 2 jours avant le temps, très recommander


Des produits parfaits, ont atteint toutes mes attentes et peuvent m'assurer que j'étais assez satisfait


Produit arrivé en parfait état, expédition rapide, bien emballé.


Se ve bien, todo como en el anuncio a falta de probar si caza mosquitos. Entrega en 8 días