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Insomnia Reliev Egg: Natural Aid to Promote Sleep and Manage Anxiety

Insomnia Reliev Egg: Natural Aid to Promote Sleep and Manage Anxiety

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As the famous Breton proverb says: "Sleep is half of health."

We all know, a healthy and happy life begins with quality sleep.


However, the pace of our current lives will often lead to a deterioration in sleep. Stress, anxiety, depression are all ailments that we inevitably encounter at one point or another in our lives.

Working with EMS vibrations well known by alternative medicines.

Insomnia Reliev Egg is one of the most practical and effective solutions currently on the market to get back to sleep as soon as possible .

The use of EMS stimulation waves allows to obtain an immediate relaxation effect. At the same time, it relieves tension, anxiety and helps users sleep well.


Lightweight, easy to use, it can be used when walking, moderately at home, to relieve headaches, free you from chest pain, from anxiety, from depression and of course when insomnia occurs.

Forget chemical sleeping pills which are harmful to your health. On average, Insomnia Reliev Egg users fall asleep or go back to sleep in less than 10 minutes of use.


Two working modes available, just press the power button to adjust the pulse intensity.

Battery capacity: 500mA
Charging method: USB cable
Power on mode: head rotation
Product size: 6*6*8cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Carine C.

When you take this egg in your hand, you have to find the right point anchor at the level of the two silver circles. It then emits impulses with electrical sensations or deep beats. I then hold it until it turns off on its own. Most of the time I have already fallen asleep. I also use it to calm me down during the day and it works very well. If I wake up at night, I take him back and go back to sleep with him. So for my part, this little object works very well on my stress and insomnia.


It arrived well xD now to try to find out how it works and if it works well, thank you ^ ^


Delivery in two weeks, delivered by courier to the batch in the shape of eggs, convenient to hold in the hand. The waves can be adjusted to weaker and stronger. And adjust the vibration type. I hold my hand and I am distracted from all thoughts for the whole day. Charger in box. Thanks to the great seller! I highly recommend the seller and the product.


I was shocked at how well this worked. I had trouble sleeping after losing my mother and was really stressed. The first night I used this I fell asleep in seconds! I took sleeping pills and it worked ten times better. Many thanks to the seller.


Moisten the left palm according to the instructions, unscrew the ball and squeeze the palm, close your eyes and calm down, and fall asleep at 20 minutes. Very good stuff.


The items are small and exquisite, and the customer service responded very attentively, I tried it at night and it was obviously effective .


For people like me who suffer from insomnia all the time, this is simply something that saves their lives.


The blue massager for sleeping is very pretty, the design is very delicate and fits in your hand.


After using this sleeping aid, massaging the hands feels very comfortable, and the quality of sleep has also improved a lot.


Item is as described. Good quality. Delivered quickly. Recommended!