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Le Marchand Futé

Herbal-Magnet Patch: The herbal slimming and detox solution!

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Say goodbye to cellulite!

Need to lose weight? To detoxify? To rebalanceyour intestinal flora? Since the benefits of nature are inexhaustible, discover the new Herbal-Magnet patches.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine recipes, this treatment 100% natural with plant extracts targets your navel, the energy point of acupuncture strategic, also called "Guan yuan".

Le Marchand Futé - Vu à la télé

The navel, strategic point of acupuncture

The navel is a major meridian in traditional Chinese medicine. Mother Point, it maintains a direct relationship between your Conception Vessel, your liver, your spleen, your kidneys and your large intestines. Thanks to its strategic location, acupuncture gives it miraculous powers miraculous to regulate the energy of your stomach and correct your disorders.

Herbal-Magnet Patch has become the 1st effective treatment to be applied directly to your belly button by replacing the usual acupuncture needles with a patchmagnetic.

In direct contact with this energy zone, the virtues of the patch are released and thus circulate more easily to treat en depth your inner mess.

Herbal-Magnet Patch - Perte de graisses

Losing weight with plants

Ever tried the frustrating diets? Sports workouts excruciating? Ever experienced hunger and aches? What if you now choose the gentle method. With its blend of powerful herbs, Herbal-Magnet Patch allows you to lose weight fast and Effortless.

Its botanically-based slimming patches feature innovative transdermal technology to accelerate absorption your dietary fat and calories, while relieving bloating.

Herbal-Magnetic Patch - Taille fine

A detox cure through the navel

A poor diet, pollution, tobacco or even alcohol encourages the accumulation of waste and toxins in your body If you feel tired, have a dull complexion, fragile and brittle hair and nails , depression, irritation or anxiety... Your body is alerting you!

He can no longer dispose of the waste. By adopting the most powerful Chinese herbs, Herbal-Magnet Patch cleanses your metabolism and helps it get a fresh start and restore its proper functioning.

Herbal-Magnet Patch - Patch médecine chinoise

A 100% natural solution

If you want to purify yourself and lose weight in a healthy way, nothing better than a natural method! Nature has so much to give us. Herbal-Magnet Patch is made with the most powerful herbs to help you.

Its natural ingredients improve your health and help you feel better about your body from the first 10-day cure, attacking your disorders at the root!

Her plants and their benefits


Boosts metabolism and increases blood circulation to eliminate waste and fatty tissue.


Reduces cellulite and promotes fat burning throughout the body.


Restores body elasticity, firms skin and eliminates cellulite

Salicornia Herbacea

Acts as a powerful antioxidant, eliminating toxins from the body. Also keeps the skin hydrated.

Herbal-Magnet Patch - Perte de poids

How does it work?

Simply! Apply a new patch every day for 10 days on your navel for 8-12 hours, and let it work. (30 patches are included for one Herbal-Magnet purchased, i.e. three complete cures)

Herbal-Magnet Patch - Perte de gras

In summary?

Herbal-Magnet Patch allows you to: Lose your weight, eliminate your toxins and your cellulite, restore the elasticity of your skin, burn your calories, and promote your blood circulation. While having an antioxidant action and being 100% natural with visible results with a single cure!

Herbal-Magnet Patch - Avant/Après


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