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Electric nail clipper

Electric nail clipper

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Being a young mother is already a great job in itself! And when it's time to cut your baby's nails, it's definitely THE CHALLENGE of the day.

Coupe ongle éléctique lime

The easiest and safest way to file your baby's nails. Unlike scissors, the file poses no risk of hurting baby's cuticles or the base of the nails.

Coupe ongle éléctique lime

Result: nicely rounded nails and no more scratches that hurt your baby's fragile skin!

Coupe ongle éléctique lime

Choose a traditional baby nail clipper? Chances are you'll inadvertently cut its skin.

Choose a traditional manual baby nail file? It takes time, and the baby may not want to cooperate.

Coupe ongle éléctique lime

No more tantrums when your child sees the standard nail clipper approaching. This device will reconcile it with cutting nails.

Coupe ongle éléctique lime

Multipurpose Parameters:

There are multiple speeds and rotation modes so you can try different nail file positions according to your expectations for neatly trimmed nails.

Coupe ongle éléctique lime


The baby nail clipper is built-in with a front LED light, ensuring efficient use in the dark night.

Coupe ongle éléctique lime


The nail file works with low noise, only 35dB, quiet enough to trim baby's toes and nails without waking the sleeping baby.

Coupe ongle éléctique lime

By choosing the electric baby file, you won't worry about:
- Hurting baby by cutting his nails
- Seizures tears because you can use the file when he sleeps
- Watching him hurt himself when he sucks his thumb since his nails will always be filed

Features of electric nail clippers

  • 4 speeds
  • 2 directions of rotation
  • Includes 6 heads with different textures to use depending on age

- Pink = 0 to 3 months
- Orange = 3 to 12 months
- Blue = 12 months and over
- Gray & White = Teens/Adults

  • Available in pink or blue
  • Equipped with a small light, convenient in the dark
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (Not included)
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 15.4 x 8.6 x 5 cm
  • To CM and CE standards


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Customer Reviews

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Kaela G.

Ótima opção para quem ainda se sente inseguro para utilizar a tesourinha. Muito fácil de manusear é super seguro. Recomendo.

Christy G.

Received in good condition.I so much love it.

Gerda M.

El envío de hizo en el tiempo indicado, todo excelente con el proveedor, funciona muy bien y me llego con estética de 10, cumple con todo lo que promete, excelente producto, solo que todas las velocidades son muy fuertes, de ahí todo bien

Wava J.

It came early than expected I love it, it works perfectly

Weldon K.

tal como se ofrece.

Willa G.

Looks as per photo, haven’t tested but quality looks good

Jules F.

Top. Thank you

Jewel W.

כמו בתמונה, עדיין לא ניסיתי

Hailie S.

Great delivery time

Miguel L.

la command bien reçu