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Cleany: The all-in-one ultrasonic peeling device for healthy, glowing skin!

Cleany: The all-in-one ultrasonic peeling device for healthy, glowing skin!

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Forget about blackheads, acne and complexion dullness!

Your skin is tired, pollution the abyss, blackheads spoil you life?

Like thousands of customers, the ultrasound exfoliation is exactly what you need to restore your skin to its radiance and regain your confidence in yourself.

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Clogged pores, excess sebum, blackheads blackheads, acne, dry skin and irregular, complexion dull ? Find out how Cleany will transform your face and your life.

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#1 Keep your face glowing all year round

pollution, lack of sun and cold damage your skin. To solve all everyday problems, Cleany's high-frequency ultrasound technology penetrates the epidermis from 3 to 5 mm to effectively eliminate dead skin, impurities and blackheads.

Its stainless steel blade unclogs pores and exfoliates the skin, while its 25,000 oscillations per second transmit positive ions on the surface of your skin so that it quickly regains its full radiance.

Thanks to Cleany's unique technology, your face will look like it's on vacation all year round.

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#2 Maintain healthy, firm skin longer

Fight the signs of aging with just one daily gesture. The oscillations of Cleany gently massage your skin, promote blood circulation and mobilize the muscles under the skin to restore all the elasticity of your face.

By diffusing positive ions, Cleany activates cellular vitality and stimulates the production of collagen to effectively fight wrinkles and spots. Your face remains firmed and hydrated to keep all its youth.

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#3 Find a radiant complexion and regain your self-confidence

Have you noticed how the quality of your skin and the radiance of your complexion influence your self-confidence and the view of others? Whether in your personal or professional life, a dull complexion, blackheads, acne or large pores can seriously harm your image and your social relationships.

In addition to cleansing your faceand restoring its shine, and tightening your pores, it gets rid permanently of blackheads and acne, the high-frequency vibrations of Cleany regenerates collagen and helps your skin to absorb nutrients ; it remains fresh and healthy in all situations.

#4 Enjoy the quality of a salon treatment without breaking the bank

Why spend a fortune and waste your time on in-salon treatments when you can get better results by staying at home?

If you think you've tried every product and nothing seems to be able to get rid of your blackheads, spots and other marks unsightly, there is no point in spending a fortune on treatments expensive and sometimes painful

Thanks to its microdermabrasion system worthy of a professional treatment, Cleany effectively get rid of your spots and pimples while improving the overall appearance of your skin.

le marchand fute-cleany-gommage-ultrasons

Treat yourself to a deep cleaning in the comfort and privacy of your home without breaking the bank!

#5 No more appliances piling up in the closet. Cleany is the only one you need!

Hydration, excess sebum, blackheads, sagging, spots, enlarged pores, acne, Cleany works effectively on more than 90% of skin problems. The world's top dermatologists recommend it for its effectiveness. You can finally get rid of the countless appliances, creams and ineffective cleaning products that clutter your bathroom!

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Cleany is an effective all-in-one device that will allow you to quickly regain healthy, smooth and radiant skin with ease. Don't wait any longer!


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