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Calexit: Foot Care Device for Professional Pedicures at Home

Calexit: Foot Care Device for Professional Pedicures at Home

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Every month you spend a small fortune in beauty salons just to get rid of the rough skin on your feet. Far too much investment for so little action.

Calexit is the perfect solution to save time and money!

1. Easy to use

Calexit is very easy to use. It is activated with a simple button and in no time, your skin becomes very smooth and super soft.

Goodbye skin dry and tough that ruin your life. And thanks to its ergonomic handle , you will have no difficulty rotating it from either side of your foot.

Femme utilisant Calexit pour une pédicure à domicile

2. Economical and hygienic

No more making endless appointments to see a professional. With Calexit, you carry out your pedicure session yourself.

You don't have to add this or that product for it to work. He does everything for you.

Calexit requires no effort. It does the work for you.

Calexit, l'appareil de soin des pieds, avec ses accessoires

3. Portable

Calexit is a small device that fits perfectly in a makeup bag or in the corner of your bag. You can take it everywhere: on a trip or on vacation. He will always be of great help to you .

Comparaison avant-après montrant l'efficacité de Calexit pour des pieds plus doux

4. Incredible time saving

Count! Getting baby skin will only take you a minute with Calexit. Try it and you'll see!
Calexit will not keep you waiting, on the contrary, it is waiting for you.

Comparaison avant-après montrant l'efficacité de Calexit pour des pieds plus doux

5. Suitable for everyone

Calexit works on all skin types, as much for women as for men! A single pass with its scraping roller which turns automatically, and your dead skin disappears like magic.

Comparaison avant-après montrant l'efficacité de Calexit pour des pieds plus doux

Four standard AA batteries are required for use.

Calexit is a very powerful tool that perfectly meets your requirements.


Calexit: appareil de soin des pieds

6. Our guarantee

We strive to offer you the most innovative products on the market. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, contact us and we will make it right.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Deondre D.

Calexit: appareil de soin des pieds

Freddie B.

Bien. Fonctionne bien. Chargement piles et USB.

Karianne B.

Calexit: appareil de soin des pieds

Libby L.

У меня уже был подобный товар, он проработал больше 5 лет и он мне нравился. Выписала такой же, отличие только в ручки, старая ручка прорезиненая, удобнее чувствуется в руке. Минус у этого товара, короткий USB Kabel и это проблема, так как он работает только от провода или на батарейках.

Janelle D.

Très efficace sous secteur et fonctionne bien avec des piles. Pour ma part j’ai installé des piles rechargeables.

Jerrold A.

Calexit: appareil de soin des pieds

Fern H.

Calexit: appareil de soin des pieds

Javonte J.


Rigoberto G.

Bien. Articles conformes. Fonctionnement bien.

Arnulfo J.

fonctionne parfaitement